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Our latest News


We visited DIGILITY in cologne this month. It was an event for VR veterans and VR enthusiasts to present and exchange ideas. The talks that were given were very varying in content from practical over technical to spiritual approaches. DIGILITY presented a lot of different angles, a lot of character and a bright future for […]

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Medieval Fantasy Con

We visited “Medieval Fantasy Con” in Germany and it was amazing. We met big inspirations of ours and we still can’t believe it actually happened. Schloss Burg is a great place to explore and a beautiful filming location. Definitely recommended. See more on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/PIXELBRAVE/ http://www.schlossburg.de/

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Champions of Anteria

Hey you guys, the game I worked on in the past @Ubisoft Blue Byte in Germany finaly got published. It’s called Champions of Anteria, I had so much fun animating on this game! I learned a lot how a game can take a life of it’s own and develop along the way. The first trailer […]

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BALROG, Durin’s Bane

As it might become more obvious, yes we are big fans of Lord of the Rings! We couldn’t resist making another homage after watching the making of the 3 movies and created a sculpture of Durin’s Bane. So I made a little composition that you see above. Beneath are the textured and the raw sculpt.

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#throwback thursday. It’s been a while but best this is by far wholesale nfl jerseys one of my favorite projects that we have worked on. We were asked to design a poster for the marketing campagne of YOUR The Of Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges Belgium. Very quickly we ASSASSIN’S joined their team and not […]

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